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Australian headquartered company, Kradle Software, has launched its flagship, fully customisable, cloud-based business management software solution (Kradle) which enables businesses to optimise their business operations and improve performance.

Kradle's new software platform is the result of an intense two-year research and development project conducted by a Brisbane-based team of developers. Hosted within the Microsoft Azure cloud, Kradle eliminates the need for coding and reliance on costly specialists for system design and implementation. The fully customisable software enables business users to build and manage their unique data model and tailored workflows while analysing operational performance to gain valuable business insights.

The web-based access to Kradle transforms the way businesses work by enabling remote and distributed workforce to be as productive as the workforce at head office location.

Unlike other systems which have pre-configured layouts and limitations on the number of workflow templates available, Kradle software allows for flexible configuration and unlimited variations. All files and data are securely stored and maintained within the Kradle database, and the dashboard interface provides comprehensive visibility across the organisation.

“Kradle users can review insights of their business and improve operations. For example, a company might use Kradle to create customisable workflows which manage, track and prioritise tasks within each project or phases of a project and measure the estimated costs versus the actual costs of each job. Users can rapidly report on wins and losses, automate communication alerts via SMS and email both internally and to contractors and clients,” said Michael Haddon, CEO, Kradle.

Kradle users can create custom workflows to manage and prioritise their processes. For example, when a purchase order is approved, alerts are provided to those users within an assigned group. These rules can be mapped to the unique specifications of the business through customized configurations.

Kradle uses an SQL relational database which is fast, safe, and scalable for future growth while being able to carry out complex queries. Key features enable users to build their own custom reports dashboard which tracks and measures data, activities, and performance across the business.

Businesses can monitor, evaluate and manage tasks and processes from a single source to ensure optimal business efficiency and performance. A patented blade system enables users to preview files and documents in responsive, collapsible and expandable windows, eliminating the need to navigate between multiple tabs.

Once an organisation adopts Kradle, the resulting business benefits become quickly apparent. Staff have access to richer data sources, delivered when required. At the same time, many manual processes can be digitized. In turn, Kradle enhances accuracy, accountability, and communication, especially critical during busy periods where human errors increase.

“We’re excited to bring Kradle to Australian businesses this year,” said Haddon. “There are more than two million small and medium-sized businesses in Australia. They account for more than half of private sector business activity*. These businesses, however, are typically hampered by the cost of software traditionally designed for large companies, and the time required to learn and implement new systems. Kradle levels the playing field for SMBs. They now have access to tools which allow them to become more efficient, productive and more profitable.
“We believe that Kradle will become a motivational tool for staff. Rather than spending time on repetitive, manual tasks, they can focus on activities that add value to their business. This results in performance improvements and a more engaged workforce,” said Haddon.

Kradle is available for a monthly subscription on any device with web-browsing capabilities. Pricing starts at $49 per user month. To trial Kradle free for up to 30 days, please visit: https://www.kradle.com/sign-up/

Deloitte Access Economics Report – Connected Small Business 2017

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