First Gas Powers Up with Promapp's Process Mapping Solution


First Gas Powers Up With Promapp’s Process Mapping Solution

Auckland, 23 August 2017 – First Gas, one of New Zealand’s largest gas networks for high pressure gas transmission and gas distribution pipes in the North Island, has signed a contract to deploy Promapp’s cloud-based business process management software to drive the organisation’s commitment to improved business processes.

First Gas is the owner and operator of the New Zealand Gas Transmission System consisting of the 2,200 km First Gas transmission pipeline system and the 300 km Maui pipeline. First Gas also operates more than 4,800 km of gas distribution networks across the North Island.

Through these distribution networks, First Gas provides gas distribution services to retailers who sell gas to more than 65,000 customers in more than 40 towns and cities.

As well as operating its own network, the organisation also provides pipeline management and metering services to other pipeline owners in New Zealand.

As part of a strategy designed to support continuous improvement and organisational growth, First Gas decided to replace its rudimentary, manual paper-based processes with Promapp’s process mapping tool.

Huw Griffiths, Information Systems Manager, First Gas, said, “We were facing a situation where we had people with 20 years’ experience in the industry but no one process was mapped from start to finish. Each department had its own way of doing things and its own version of the truth when it came to developing and following a process. Initially, we looked to see if our internal systems had the capability to capture existing processes and help us manage our process management efforts moving forward, but we concluded that Promapp would be ideal to help the organisation achieve those goals.

“What made our task easier was that Promapp set up a demonstration site within First Gas where we could put our own data to the test and see its benefits in real life scenarios.”

Promapp will assist the organisation to increase the control, audit trail and efficiency of their approval processes. Their process approval workflow functionality includes change tracking from one version to the next, secure online approval of process changes, a personal dashboard for all change notifications, and updated status reports. It is also able to automatically route changes to approvers’ dashboards and provides for a simple one-click to review and approve any amendments.

First Gas may also deploy Promapp to support the company’s requirements for risk and compliance, and ongoing strategy for its 150 staff to drive continuous improvement opportunities in every department from research and development through to customer service.

About Promapp

Established in 2002, Promapp works with hundreds of organisations worldwide to foster a thriving business improvement and process management culture.

Promapp’s cloud-based business process management (BPM) software makes it easy to create, navigate, share and change business processes, enabling continuous improvement, risk management, quality assurance and business continuity. Providing an intuitive online process repository, an integrated process mapping tool, and a process improvement toolset, Promapp’s proprietary software supports the development of smarter and safer ways to work, while encouraging sharing of information by operational teams rather than limiting it to process analysts and technical specialists.

Promapp’s wide range of public and private sector customers includes: Coca-Cola Amatil, Air New Zealand, WesTrac, Lumo Energy, Toyota, Ricoh, McDonald's, Audi Australia, Fuji Xerox, Department of Justice, Victoria, Adelaide City Council, Central Coast Council and City of Booroondarra. The company is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand.


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