How we work with you

Bass Public Relations customises its public relations plans to suit our client’s individual needs. We’ll meet with you, review your market, your business and its situation and discuss your plans. Typical questions we ask at an initial meeting include:

    1. Details of company background, history, financial position, executive officers.
    2. Details on the range of products/services and which markets are targeted. 
    3. Who’s responsible for making decisions at the customer level?
    4. Have there been any recent events, acquisitions, takeovers, awards, capital investments, etc?
    5. Can you provide any market or competitive research information?
    6. What is the company hoping to achieve for the business over a period of time? (for example, growth in staff, revenue)?
    7. Are there any plans for events, product launches or listings on stock market within a given period?
    8. What are the resources available for marketing budgets?
    9. What existing marketing communications activities are already in place?
    10. Is there an internal marketing function in-house?
    11. Who would an outside agency be reporting to?

We’ll then let you have a fully budgeted proposal and talk you through the material. Once we’ve started the campaign we’ll then hold regular quarterly review meetings to ensure the program is on track and offering appropriate resources to meet your needs.

In media relations programs, increasingly public relations consultants are being asked daily how do we evaluate coverage and what is it worth?  We believe that evaluation should start before implementation as it is vital that all parties involved reached consensus regarding their expectations. 

We work with our clients at the outset to ascertain measurement standards.  We establish what aspects of the activity are to be measured, as the demands of measurement will vary according to the nature of the activity.
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